Graduate Programs

Our Graduate Level Courses build on the foundation you have developed in the Excellence Series. After completing the ground work, you will have seen substantial progress in areas you deem most important in life. The graduate level courses leverage the insights you have gained about yourself and allow you to explore your personal empowerment, sense of purpose and contribution.


 Looking for The Excellence Series?

Presentation Dynamics Intensive

This course is critical for anyone who has something important to communicate, be it your brilliant idea, your new product, your passion, your company’s vision, your strategic plan, or a change you want to create in the world.

Prerequisite: The Advancement of Excellence


Inside Passage

Strengthen and invigorate your relationships through the power of compassion and develop Instructions for Living based on your own personal, deeply held values. Develop tools to forgive and move past the roadblocks in your life and discover the freedom that comes with redefining your life.

Prerequisite: The Wall 


Mastery 1

Enhance meaning in your life! Find out more about who you truly are, what you represent and discover some authentic ways to re-connect with your life’s purpose and who you are.

Prerequisite: The Advancement of Excellence


Mastery 2

Understand your Calling- and answer it.In Mastery II, you complete your journey from self-knowledge to self-actualization. With a vision of your life’s purpose from Mastery I, in Mastery II you discover your Calling—the highest and best use of your being in the world.

Prerequisite: Mastery I