Mastery I

Mastery I

Discover Your Unique Contribution to the World

Those who complete The Excellence Series enjoy more effective, satisfying, and fun-filled lives than they ever imagined. They gain new power to make their dreams and goals reality. As they do so, they frequently discover a desire to delve into life’s essential mysteries. Their widened perspective gives them hunger for new questions and new answers.  In fact, they often find themselves exploring the ultimate question: “Why am I here?”

Answering that question is one of the most grounding and fulfilling experiences in your life—and Mastery I is designed to guide you there. Through a deeply engaging and exciting guided process, you work toward understanding your deepest purpose in life—the very meaning of your existence. Knowing it, you make your fullest contribution to others and the world even as your goals grow and perceptions shift over the course of your life.

  • Enhance your sense of meaning in life
  • Discover your unique contribution to the world
  • Develop a question to lever yourself into action

“I believe Mastery to be the most powerful step I have taken… I feel so connected to the very core of my being that I feel virtually fearless.” — T.M., Vancouver, BC

$1,595.00 (plus room and board)

Course Schedule 

Residential program held in a retreat setting
Wednesday — 5:00 pm (registration and check-in) — 6:00 pm – Sunday 4:00 pm (program)
All ending times are approximate.

The Advancement of Excellence

When is the next Mastery I?

Apr 11 2018 - Apr 15 2018

Mastery I

BC LOWER MAINLAND - Springbrooke Retreat Center, Langley
Oct 17 2018 - Oct 21 2018

Mastery I

BC LOWER MAINLAND - Springbrooke Retreat Center
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Next in the series

Mastery II

Understand your Calling- and answer it.In Mastery II, you complete your journey from self-knowledge to self-actualization. With a vision of your life’s purpose from Mastery I, in Mastery II you discover your Calling—the highest and best use of your being in the world.

Prerequisite: Mastery 1