Presentation Dynamics Intensive

Presentation Dynamics Intensive

Secrets and Strategies for Effective Presentations

Few, if any, public speaking courses engage the presenter as a person, much less find ways to explore the creative use of personality. This is our particular area of expertise and part of what makes Presentation Dynamics uniquely exciting and effective.

This course is critical for anyone who has something important to communicate, be it your brilliant idea, your new product, your passion, your company’s vision, your strategic plan, or a change you want to create in the world.

Most presentation skills training teach acting techniques (vocal variety, gesturing, etc) in order to mask the fears associated with public speaking.  In a time when our culture’s biggest issue is trust, these techniques are seen as inauthentic and off-putting.  We teach people how to stand on an authentic ground, creating strong connections with the audience and producing a trusting and collaborative learning environment.

Whether presenting one-to-one, or one-to-thousands, participants learn how to effectively present their ideas and respond better to others. Through the learning mechanism of actual presentation, they gain increased awareness of their personal presentation styles, including an assessment of what works and what doesn’t.  In addition to mastering basic presentation techniques, they learn how to make the most elegant compensations for their liabilities, and how to bring themselves to the material in such a way that it is more alive and in the moment.  In other words, those listening find them more interesting, engaging and entertaining.

If you are looking for a profound way to know yourself on a deep level and a compelling way to present that to the world, reserve your seat for Presentation Dynamics Intensive.

What Grads Have to Say

“Shortly after taking the Presentation Dynamics I went to a destination wedding for my nephew.  His Ordained Minister and Master of Ceremonies was unable to perform.  I was asked the day of the wedding to fill in.  I was honored to be able to give them this amazing gift.  The profound skills I learned at PDI gave me the confidence and know-how to step up to the plate.  I simply LOVED this program! “

Kim Strynadka , Owner, Mortgage Broker
Dominion Lending Centres Integrity Mortgage BC



Maximum Number of Participants: 14

Course Schedule:
Friday, 5:30 pm Registration, 6-10 pm Program
Saturday, 9 am – 9 pm
Sunday, 9 am – 7 pm
All ending times are approximate

Prerequisite:  The Advancement of Excellence


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