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Interested in Learning More While Being of Service to Others?

Program Assistant

Once you complete the Excellence Series we encourage you to come back and assist any of the Excellence Series courses with Excellence Seminars International.  Program participants are often moved to strengthen the fabric of good will by helping new participants experience The Excellence Series programs.

Program Assistants are often surprised at how much their own learning is enhanced in the process of helping others.  It is an exciting opportunity to keep their skills fresh.  Assistants integrate the material at a deeper level and experience the richness that comes from working with a highly committed and focused team.  Grads who sign up to be team assistants or serve as a team captain often proclaim, “It’s the best program Excellence Seminars offers!”

All assistants are required to attend the Assisting Workshop and meet the requirements for assisting.

For volunteer opportunities:

Tevi Dawson

Tevi Dawson


In Vancouver, contact Tevi Dawson

E-mail: volunteering.vancouver@excellenceseminars.com

Karen Hanna

Karen Hanna

Vancouver Island

On Vancouver Island, contact Karen Hanna

E-mail: volunteering.island@excellenceseminars.com

Dawn Harju

Dawn Harju


In Bellingham, contact Dawn Harju

E-mail: volunteering.bellingham@excellenceseminars.com

Debbe Keenan

Debbe Keenan


In Edmonton, contact Debbe Keenan

E-mail: volunteering.edmonton@excellenceseminars.com