About Us

25 Years Transforming Lives!

Our mission is to champion goodwill through our commitment to living life in alignment with purpose and through fostering meaningful connection in community.

Excellence Seminars International delivers powerful, highly effective, leading-edge courses that accelerate individual and organizational success.

Our Values


We share a deeply held value reflected in our desire to champion goodwill. This begins with self-acceptance which then is naturally extended outwards and creates a ripple effect.

Aligning With Purpose

We believe clarity of purpose in any given situation provides a powerful beacon to align with, be it individually, communally, or globally.


We encourage full ownership as a paradigm to step into personal power and leadership.


We aspire to live in integrity by keeping agreements, walking our talk, leaving a clean wake, and aligning with purpose.


We are committed to providing transformational learning opportunities through which people are supported to show up authentically and step into living their best life.


We are dedicated to a standard of win/win as the essential underpinning to all relationships, from primary, to familial, to community, to global and to the relationship with our planet.


We believe every human being has a contribution to make and this begins with stepping up to be a leader in one’s own life. Leaders evolve clarity of purpose, align with what they most value, bring their people with them, and strengthen goodwill in the process.

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