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Experiencing a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Want to feel more alive, experience more passion in your work, achieve greater financial success, and build better, more satisfying relationships?

Then the CORE Leadership Series is for you!

Discover and actualize the “more out of life” you’ve been looking for.
Excellence Seminars Courses - ReSet for MORE Excellence

ReSet for MORE Excellence (In-Person)

ReSet for MORE Excellence is the first step to discovering your inborn ability to create the life you have always wanted. It addresses key elements of success and fulfillment in such a way that participants learn and integrate empowering mindsets and take away practical tools that can be used immediately.

Prerequisite: None

Excellence Seminars Courses - BreakThru

BreakThru (Online or In-Person)

BreakThru is a dynamic, in-depth seminar that assists you in clarifying your life purpose, in breaking through obstacles stopping you, and in defining what factors need to be present to create a rich, fulfilling life.

Prerequisite: ReSet (Online or In-Person) or the Pursuit of Excellence.

Excellence Seminars Courses - The Practice - Online

The Practice (Hybrid)

Where the rubber meets the road, in The Practice you apply everything you have learned in the first two courses to create incredible results and make success and fulfillment your habit!

Prerequisite: BreakThru or the Wall.

Excellence Seminars Courses - The Youth Pursuit

Youth Pursuit

Combining high impact learning experiences with traditional camp activities, youth participants set a foundation to be leaders in their own lives while having fun and making great friends!

Prerequisite: 15-19 Year Old (Must turn at least 15 in same calendar year as the program).


Our MASTERY Leadership Series builds on the foundation you have set in the CORE Leadership Series. After completing the groundwork, you will have seen substantial progress in areas you deem most important in life. The mastery level courses leverage the insights you have gained about yourself to support you in powerfully stepping into fully actualizing the best of who you are, so that you make your greatest contribution.
Excellence Seminars Courses - Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Each of us has a unique contribution to make. In this mastery level course, you will take a quantum leap towards understanding, embracing, and expressing who you are at your core. This is your gift and through its expression you will create meaning and richness along your life path that makes a positive, life-enhancing difference in our world.

Quantum Leap is held in a retreat setting over a five-day period from 6:00 pm on Wednesday through 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Prerequisite: BreakThru or The Wall

Excellence Seminars Courses - Quantum Impact

Quantum Impact

We exist to champion goodwill through commitment to living life in alignment with purpose and ultimately our calling. In Quantum Impact, you will complete your journey from self-knowledge and self-efficacy to self-actualization through uncovering your Calling, the highest and best use of your being in the world. Every piece of the puzzle will fall into place. Once you know and step up into fully living your Calling, you will make an unparalleled and magical difference.

Quantum Impact is held in a retreat setting over a three-day period from 1:00 pm on Friday through 5:30 pm on Sunday.

Prerequisite: Quantum Leap or Mastery I

Excellence Seminars Courses - Dynamic Facilitation Intensive

Dynamic Facilitation Intensive

Authenticity and being in-service are critical to effectively present, facilitate and connect with your audiences. This course uses the best of the best approaches to fast-track highly effective speaking from the front of the room, whether speaking to five or five hundred people. This is a must-do course for anyone who has something important to communicate, be it your brilliant idea, your new product, your passion, your company’s vision, your strategic plan, or a change you want to create in the world.

Prerequisite: The Practice, the Advancement of Excellence or permission of the Program Leader.


Excellence Seminars Courses - Inside Passage

Inside Passage

Inside Passage is and exciting, self-honoring, and compassionate process that will help you deepen your relationship with yourself by exploring authenticity, compassion and your life legacy.

Prerequisite: BreakThru or The Wall.

Excellence Seminars Courses - Conflict Resolution with Integrity - Online

Conflict Resolution with Integrity (Online)

Conflict is inevitable. How you deal with it, is not…

Whenever two or more people are in relationship, differences of opinion are inevitable.  How we navigate those differences and resolve issues has a profound impact on the long-term health of the relationship.

Prerequisite: None

Excellence Seminars Courses - Leadership Styles Online

Leadership Styles (Online)

How to deal with difficult people & everyone is somebody’s difficult person!

Whether you are a leader at work, in your community or at home raising children, understanding leadership styles helps all kinds of leaders become more effective in their interpersonal relationships, particularly with those they find most challenging.

Prerequisite: None

Excellence Seminars Courses - Setting Boundaries With Integrity - Online

Setting Boundaries with Integrity (Online)

We train others how to treat us…

Healthy relationships depend on setting and maintaining personal boundaries that align with what we hold to be most important.  What do we say yes to?  Where do we draw the line?  Many of us don’t even know where to start!

Prerequisite: None

Excellence Seminars Courses - Revitalize - Online

Revitalize (Online)

Everything starts with intention…

Put away those New Year’s resolutions and fast forgotten beginning of the year goals. Instead, define your KEY INTENTION, your direction, compass, and guide for the year.

Prerequisite: None

Live life in alignment with purpose and see your success and fulfillment surge!

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