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CORE Training for Workplace Teams

Team building to level-up your organization’s performance…

The CORE is the central or most important thing around which everything else is organized.

A team with a strong CORE:

  • Is rooted in the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Has a clear purpose and plan.
  • Works collectively instead of individually.
  • Has excellent communication among team members and departments.
  • Feels valued and recognized for what each member brings to the table.
  • Translates their positive morale into better productivity.

Our training is aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of your organization’s CORE and thereby enhancing organizational performance and team cohesiveness.  This is achieved through grounding in leadership thinking and through various team building activities which are customized to meet your team’s needs.


Our dynamic team building approach produces results:

  • Primes team members for success and forward movement.
  • Strengthens cohesiveness.
  • Builds on each team member’s unique contribution.
  • Increases cooperation and ownership of team goals.
  • Takes communication to a new level.

We help you build stronger teams from the inside.


CORE training is offered as a full day onsite program.
Introductory price: $3,995


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