Quantum Leap

Uncover your core essence and share the gift that you are…

Graduates of the CORE Leadership Series enjoy a high level of self-knowledge, fulfillment, and self-efficacy. Flowing from that, they are frequently drawn to entertaining the big questions in life and commit to completing their journey from self-knowledge to self-actualization.

In Quantum Leap, you uncover who you are at your core and how you can share your gift to make the greatest contribution possible. Knowing definitively who you are is one of the most grounding and fulfilling experiences in life.

Here is what Program Leader, Lorraine Jensen, has to say about finding her unique contribution to the world:

Do you know what you are really here for… on earth, I mean? What is your unique contribution to make during your lifetime?

I always knew I had one but never really knew what it was, that is until I did the work that is done at Quantum Leap. In indigenous communities, people have birth names and then are granted their true names once their gifts have been displayed. In my life I was named after some kid my mum went to school with and that was it. Not that I needed a name, but knowing and honouring that part of me, my gift, has kept me focused on what I am really here for.

~ Lorraine Jensen ~

Through a deeply engaging and exciting guided process, you work toward understanding your deepest purpose in life – the very meaning of your existence.

Pam Lewis, Director of ESI, adds:

I did this work in 1990 and I haven’t looked back. Since then, I have been so grounded and as a ‘Promoter’ that is saying a lot! I know who I am and what my unique contribution is to the world. I would add that my experience of doing this work was one of the two experiences in my life where the support was so gentle and such a strong safety net that it was, in and of itself, transformative. My team was not willing to give up on me, so how could I possibly give up on myself!

~ Pam Lewis ~

If you’re ready to delve deeply into who you are and why you are here, Quantum Leap will lead you to understand and embrace your gifts so you can make your fullest contribution to others and the world, even as you evolve and grow over the course of your life.
Quantum Leap, and the follow-up course, Quantum Impact, are residential programs held in a retreat setting.

✓ Program: $1595
✓ Room and Board: $665
✓ Audit Fee:  $300 plus Room & Board

Reserve a seat with a $100 Deposit.

Course Schedule:

Wednesday – 5:00 pm (registration and check-in) until Sunday 4:00 pm (program)
Ending time is approximate.


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