Brilliant “Boring” Book

Scientific Evidence: GOODWILL IS CONTAGIOUS!!!

I’m reading a book called “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe” by Lynne McTaggart, borrowed from my brother, Mike. Last time I saw him, he asked me how I like it. I had just got off the plane and I said it had served as a great sedative. I don’t think I got through one page before I fell asleep. When reading it on the treadmill, however, it fires me up! I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I learn something new and suddenly, my brain is going wild, connecting dots all over the place. That is what is happening for me, even though I’m wading through scientific gobbledygook.

So… the concept that has captured my imagination is that there is a “field” that connects everything and everyone, not only in our world but in our universe, and it is quantifiable. I’m not going to attempt explaining the science. However, experiment after experiment across all scientific disciplines, shows that “… at our essence we exist as a unity, a relationship – utterly interdependent, the parts affecting the whole at every moment.”

Woo hoo! This excites me!!! I have always believed in the “100th Monkey Phenomenon”, that once a critical mass learns something, it is somehow transmitted to everyone. Further, I have believed that if, energetically, we reach a critical threshold of goodwill, that it will infiltrate and literally spread all over the world. Well, it seems my thoughts are now supported by scientific evidence! There is proof that “the universe is a vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange…”.

If this is true, that the universe is a vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange, I’m thinking I had better do an even better job of “cleaning up my act” so that I am contributing more and more good energy. What I do, what I say, what I think, what I feel makes a difference and it makes a difference at every moment! I think Randy and Judy Revell (Co-Founders of the Excellence Series) understood this phenomenon and it framed every iota of curriculum they designed and fuelled their commitment to strengthening the fabric of good will that exists in the world.<

So where does this leave me? Well – about half-way through the book – stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s capitalize on what we know will accelerate the spread of goodwill by enrolling everyone within our sphere of influence into the Excellence Series. Never have I felt this is as important as I do now, and never have I been more convinced that it does make a difference!

~ Pam Lewis, Director & Program Leader