Today is a WONDER-FULL day!   I have a new great-niece, born last night, and I am saying goodbye to our lovely cat of 16 years tonight.   I am delighted, sad, grateful and in awe, all at the same time.  

Every time a new child is born, I marvel at the miracle of it all and I am in awe.   Every time I lose someone who I am close to, I am sad about the loss and, perhaps oddly, I am simultaneously grateful.   My gratitude emanates from work I started 26 years at the Pursuit of Excellence, work that has led me to a place where I connect my head and heart and it is this connection that has led me to creating a rich, full experience of life.  

We are all born, and we all die… this is the circle of life, as my veterinarian doctor pointed out to me yesterday.   The question is how we fill the middle.   How do we create meaning and make this life the richest fullest experience possible?

For me, the answer flows from the work I have done and continue to do through the Excellence Series, Mastery I & II.   With complete confidence I can say I know who I am at my core; I know where I have my greatest contribution to make; and I know how to create the experience of fulfilment on a moment to moment, day to day and year to year basis.   I have gained all this clarity along with the courage and commitment to live fully and contribute to the best of my ability through my ongoing involvement in our courses.   I love the way I am filling the middle and even if that means I experience deep sadness at times of loss, I also experience great joy which isn’t possible for those that only live from the neck up.

Today… today is a WONDER-FULL day for which I am extremely grateful!  

~ Pam Lewis, Director & Program Leader