COURSE CORRECTING: A Super Charged Skill for Life!

As a navigational term, course correction refers to the fact that when using autopilot, planes are off course most of the time. It is only through a series of minor course corrections that the planes land on target. When we stray from pursuing our dreams and goals in life, we talk about “getting back on track”. Whether its obstacles in our way, or bright shiny distractions, it is easy to get off course enroute to pursuing what we want.

As human beings, we tend to hold tight to how it’s supposed to look. We need to go after our goals “perfectly”. If we find ourselves off track, we convince ourselves that it’s too late, or perhaps our dreams and goals weren’t that important anyways. We allow the reason monster to take over and are controlled by negativity.

Large jets are off course 85-95% of the time and yet they land on target!

Course correction is a sign of persistence, of not giving up. It is a better predictor of success than education, talent, or genius. Here are 5 keys to developing course correction as a supercharged skill:

  1. 1. Clarity: You need to be clear on what you genuinely want and on the value in achieving it. Once you are clear on the result you desire, break it down into small specific steps.
  2. 2. Consciousness: Consistently revisit your goal and whether you are on track. Life can get busy and filled up with the little things. Create guideposts to track your progress.
  3. 3. Courage: It’s easy to complain about it getting off track and give up. It takes courage to admit you might be off course and then to act
  4. 4. Compassion: To err is human. We all get off course from time to time. Refrain from beating yourself up and embrace the learning on the journey.
  5. 5. Commitment: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Enroll your support system in holding you accountable to staying the course and push past your usual stopping places.

Successful leaders embrace course correction. They don’t give up or throw in the towel. When off track, they reassess and get back on track, again and again and again. As a result, they achieve their dreams and deepest desires, or they are still working diligently towards that end!

~ Pam Lewis, Director & Program Leader