Isn’t Fulfilment All About Being an Inspired Grinder?

As we dawn a new decade, I have left behind my job of 15+ years at Vancouver Island University to work full-time in Excellence Seminars International (ESI). I have been congratulated by many for taking this step. I was surprised, at first, not knowing why people considered it so important. In reading my brother’s Christmas letter, I realized that people see me as who I am and where I am inspired to make my greatest contribution. No surprise to anyone, it is in strengthening the fabric of good will that exists in the world through a commitment to lifelong learning and through the vehicle of ESI. It is where I am an “Inspired Grinder”.

And what is an “Inspired Grinder”? Here is what Mike Lewis shared in his Christmas letter:

One of the phrases I appropriated from a wonderful and courageous friend of mine many years ago (Laird Hunter) was the need for all of us to think of ourselves as inspired grinders. I adopted the essence of this phrase, or at least tried to. Inspiration is important, but without the willingness to undertake the grinding work of realizing the goals and projects that flow from it, little of consequence is likely to emerge. On the other hand, grinding without inspiration deadens the soul, too easily becomes a source of cynicism, digging us deeper into the rut of existence, without vitality and aspiration to transform.

Looking at the results our graduates create, particularly those that complete Mastery II, I know the work we do lays the groundwork for people to become “Inspired Grinders”. It is then through that means they make their greatest contribution. And so, as I wish you the best for 2010, I leave you with a quote from long-time Program Leader, Dan Sullivan:

“Visualization without implementation is hallucination.”

Making our dreams more than just dreams requires doing the work. My invitation and my challenge to each of you for the new decade is to get inspired to do the work and if you are already inspired, set up the support to grind into action. Enjoy the fulfillment that comes from the integration of both.

~ Pam Lewis, Director & Program Leader