On Excellence

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise; risking more that others think is safe; dreaming more than others think is practical; and expecting more than others think is possible.” Author unknown

I love my life and while I’m crazy busy most of the time, it is because I almost have too much of everything GOOD. I think this is because I unconsciously live my life in alignment with what this unknown author defines as excellence.

Reflecting on just the first part of this quote, I know I probably care more than others sometimes think is wise. However, having lost my mom, dad and oldest sister in a span of three years, I really get how caring deeply has left me with no regrets. For example, I was SO close to my mom and had so much fun with her over many, many years and I know that the loss I experienced was that much greater as a result. And guess what… contrasted with the alternative, I would never choose differently.

Similarly, I really care about the work we do. I stand for self-actualization and do everything in my power to orchestrate opportunities for people transform so they can live their fullest, richest life possible. Without question, my life is extraordinarily busy, but I absolutely know I wouldn’t change a thing. Quite the opposite, on almost a daily basis, I experience immense gratitude that I know my Calling and that I am able to contribute to the fabric of goodwill that exists in the world by living it.

As you launch into a new season, consider whether you are living your life with excellence. If you are, YEAH! If not, or if you want to notch it up in one or more areas of your life, consider auditing a course and taking a course you haven’t yet taken. Life is too short to live with regrets and so, so, so full of wonderful opportunities.

~ Pam Lewis, Director & Program Leader